Adieu: The (paper)craft of letting go

Hey friends!

Today I wanted to share a bouquet that I was so in love with this Valentine’s Day. This is a little conundrum that I have to deal with every now and then. My husband and I get so attached to some of these flowers that sometimes it’s hard to say good-bye. So here’s the first post in a series on my blog entitled Adieu. This section will feature custom bouquets and other projects leaving the shoppe.


This client requested lilies and pops of color. Here’s how I took his request and used my vision to create an adorable one of a kind Valentine’s bouquet that will last for years.




For an effervescent feel I added Stargazer lilies. Learn how to make them by clicking here.


That’s it for now! Thank so much for your continued support!

For custom bouquets please email me:

Stay fresh,

Black Doily





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