Like a fine wine…

We all hope to get better in time, right?


Well, I still consider myself a work in progress. In fact, sometimes you’ll see me hasthag WIP on Instagram when I’m feeling some kind of way {but shhh, that’s just between you and me} Lately, the gloomy New England weather, in addition to everything on the news, has drained me and in turn slowed down my process.

I wish I could see my friends more often, but even life’s technological connections aren’t quite the same as getting together in person. Monthly craft nights were the best way of reconnecting face to face with a group of friends at once.

This photo and the featured photo are “watercolored” coffee filters made by my friends during a craft night at my apartment. I loved how some of these came out. Super cool designs to work with. Thx yall!

In the busiest time of the year (spring is flower season!) I often feel the struggle of prioritizing, which then adds anxiety to this doom and gloom.  The days have gone by very quickly this year. As I realize it’s been over 7 years since I started making flowers, maybe I should stop to reflect on how far my flower progress has come. So today, right now, I’m pausing to practice a little exercise in self love and mindfulness.

May 2010. 

Appreciating my progress is not something I do willingly to be quite honest. More often than not I end up focusing on the flaws of my work (and in my life) and feel embarassed by my mistakes.  Today, I’m trying really hard to see past that because I do genuinly love what I do. I have to keep reminding myself that I will make mistakes and it is still important to do so. To keep learning. To find new ways of creating and growing.

So this was then…



… and this is now.


  Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you have the chance to reflect on your achievments. It helps.  Also, making sweet paper flowers help too. Just sayin.



Poppy Talk Workshop at Crompton Collective. April 2017
Private bridal party DIY workshop. March 2017

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