About Brackish Water Arts


Welcome to my blog! My name is Regina Macomber, I am the owner of Brackish Water Arts established on Etsy in 2011. I am a research lab technician by day and a mixed media artist by night-addicted to making paper flowers. Here on this site I will be posting project updates and other visions that inspire me.  All paper flowers seen on this website are handmade by myself. With that said, I am currently seeking collaborations and workshop opportunities in the Boston/Cambridge area. Holla!


Brackish Water comes from a mixture of salt water and fresh water. Water from different parts of the earth just blending naturally. I have often felt that the most beautiful things are created from combining elements of different nature … I mean..cronuts, Rashida Jones..JEGGINGS! See where I’m going with this?

I hope you enjoy scrolling through the blog!





For Custom inquiries write to me via Etsy or  reginamacomber@gmail.com

Check out the shop: www.brackishwaterarts.etsy.com

Instagram @BlackDoily