Retro Inspired Red, White, and Blue


Patience is a virtue

The flowers you see here once graced my living room just waiting until the big day, the big reveal. The day of delivery, they were gone and it felt like I was missing a piece of my year. This is usually the point in time I start second guessing myself and the design choices I made. I’m not going to lie, towards the end of my orders, I’m usually a nervous mess. I try to send my clients as many pictures of work in progress as possible, but will they like my finished product? These thoughts come heavily as I think of how this is the day most people dream of and plan for years.  Luckily, my awesome bride, Halley, gave me more than a year to work on these flowers. So I set my ambitions high.


“The flowers and boutonnieres that Regina made for my wedding were absolutely stunning. She really went above and beyond my expectations. She put a lot of thought into the colors and every little detail and it really showed in the final products. She also really listened to my likes and dislikes and I really appreciated her patience with me. I absolutely love my bouquet and my bridesmaids love theirs too!! It is so cool that we will get to keep them forever! Thank you again Regina!”  –   H.G. via Etsy


Can you imagine my sigh of relief when I heard the good news?! In this industry of bridezillas, melt-downs and “the end of the world” situations, I’m so lucky that I’ve never experienced any of that from my clients. I’m very pleased with this project.

Just look at these guys… 






All Photography by Jarvis Chen


I’m so thrilled to share these photos and even more thrilled to have such great people for clients.

Congratulations Halley and Sean! 

Thanks so much for visiting! The shop is currently taking orders for weddings in 2017.

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