Minimal Apartment Winter Decor

Winter brings on big bulky coats and rough commutes home, and snow days when you’re stuck inside for 24+ hours. After years of having all of my precious treasures out on display I am finally enjoying the benefits of minimal decor. It’s tough to pick and choose what to keep out when you think you have the perfect set up.  Winter decor can sometimes takeover your living space entirely. Sometimes the best thing to go home to is a sweet simple home.  Here are a few of my favorite winter wonders this year.

 (nevermind the television freaking out. Fall Out 4, Day 8 for the hubs)



White paper garlands are a quick and easy way to make a subtle winter scene. Add some glitter for a bit of glitz and glam.

Soft, fluffy, beautiful cotton! I can’t express how much I love cotton stalks in the winter time. Apartment living doesn’t always allow for Christmas tree space. Stalks of cotton can be used as a space saving alternative. I keep my ornaments to a select favorites.



It’s time to get cozy! Warm up your home with soft botanical accents. Covered books are an adorable way to keep a clean and classic bookshelf.


Brackish Water Arts wishes you a warm holiday season!  A special  thanks to all the supporters of BWA! ♥ Stay fresh.






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